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Would you like to explore our country in a leisurely, unhurried manner, visiting places and areas of interest of your choice, not those chosen for you in an organized commercial tour with a fixed itinerary and strict time schedule?

I can do it in your own hired car.

I can offer the solution by personally providing, on a 24 hour basis, a chauffeur service from the time of your arrival in South Africa until the day of your departure, or for any period according to your requirements.

Whilst in South Africa for business or professional reasons, will you need to have transport to and from the airport or hotel? I can offer you this service using my own car.

As a proud South African residing in Cape Town, I believe that any visitor to our country should enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday which hopefully would provide the incentive for them to re-visit us time and again.

I offer a personal 24 hour driving service to tourists according to their individual requirements during their visit to South Africa. They would therefore have no need to adhere to any strict time schedule of fixed itinerary as destinations or places of interest would be entirely of their own choosing. I would provide the service of driver / chauffeur allowing them to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment by removing the burden from them of having to “navigate” using road maps whilst concentrating on driving.

I offer airport transfers from Cape Town International to various destinations in greater Cape Town.

I possess a good knowledge of scenic routes, places of interest, hotels and restaurants, having for the past 25 years assisted in this manner, visitors from around the world who have always expressed satisfaction with the service they have received. Being from a previously disadvantaged community, I am enthusiastic in being able to use the opportunity to afford a service which can actively promote South Africa to overseas visitors.

Please feel free to contact me should the need arise for the use of my services.